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Increase the Range of Electric or Hybrid Vehicles with 3M Automotive Window Film

More people are turning to electric or hybrid vehicles as gas prices are rising higher and higher. Both types of vehicles are more affordable options, but they can be made better. Were you aware that you can increase the range of your hybrid or electric vehicle by installing a heat rejecting automotive window film? 

One of the main ways that the battery gets drained in a hybrid or electric vehicle is through operating the comfort systems, which includes lights, sound system, and the HVAC system. Depending on which vehicle you have, use of the HVAC system can decrease range from 9-17%. See below for estimate graphics from Tesla’s website that show range estimates for various cars with all things being equal except the use of the HVAC system.

Model Range Without HVAC Use

hybrid vehicle window film installation

Model Range With HVAC Use

electric vehicle window film installation

Now that we know that using the HVAC system reduces the range of your electric or hybrid vehicle, installing window tint can help by significantly reducing solar energy that enters through the car windows and therefore, 

Now that we have established that running the HVAC does decrease the range of your vehicle, how can window tint help? Through the use of an automotive window film, solar energy entering the car through the windows can be reduced significantly, therefore heat entering the vehicle is reduced and you won't need to run your HVAC system, which will extend your range. Your window tint installation would pay for itself with the extended range and decreased HVAC running costs.

If you would like more information about automotive window film and how they can be beneficial in your electric or hybrid vehicle, contact Quality Auto Glass & Tint to schedule a free estimate.

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