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Window Tinting


What is 3M?

3M is the INVENTOR of window film. This will ensure you that they have the most experience in research and development to deliver a product that can reject heat, look crystal clear and last for many years to come. There is a series of 3M film that will fit any budget. Just call.


How long does it take to tint a car?

Most vehicles take 2-3 hours to tint. Most people drop their vehicles off in the morning and pick up later in the day.


Do you need to remove the panels from my door to install tint?

Every vehicle is different, but if we can remove the door panels we will. In order for us to achieve a factory looking tint, we must be able to reach areas we normally could not reach with it on. As a glass and tint shop, we can assure you that our staff is experienced in removing panels and will do our very best to properly put it back without rattles.


How soon can I roll my windows down after tinting?

You can roll your windows down after 24 HRS, but 48 HRS is recommended.


What is the water streaks I see in between the film?

It is a term we call "puddling" where there is still water and moisture between the film. That will completely dry itself out in 4-8 days, depending on the type of film and weather conditions.


What can I use to clean windows with and how soon can I wash my car?

You can use a soft microfiber towel to clean your windows with any non abrasive cleaner. Please stay away from ammonia based products. You can wash the outside of your car anytime, but refrain from cleaning the inside for at least 4 days to allow the film to completely dry.


Does it cost extra to remove old window film from my car?

Yes it does and can vary in price depending on how bad the film has become. Be prepared to leave your car half the day if you are removing any back glass tint, since it takes a lot of time to remove it without damaging the defroster lines of your vehicle.



What is the type of glass you carry?

We only carry OE Quality Glass that is used on existing vehicles today. This is the same type of glass you find on Honda, Acura, Lexus, Mercedes, BMW, Infiniti, Hyundai, and Kia minus the logos. Remember you get what you pay for, your life depends on it.


What is your warranty?

We only carry a lifetime warranty on our installation. That protects you from any leaks, wind noise or issues with the install for as long as you own the vehicle.


Do you go through insurance?

We are the preferred installer for many insurance carriers ranging from ALLSTATE, AAA, FARMERS, ALLIED, GEICO, PROGRESSIVE AND MANY MORE. Just call your claims department and have it assigned to our shop for a certified technician to install.


What is the blue tape on my car?

It is used to hold the windshield in place while the special adhesive is curing. It can be removed within 24 hours. ​


When can I drive my car?

You can drive your vehicle within 30 mins. of install using our fast cure urethane. It is still recommended, however to not drive any faster than 55 mph for the next 24 hours and not to get a car wash for a week.

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